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  1. I hosted a seminar with Christian in Vaasa, Finland in October, 2019. It was a really nice weekend, and we greatly enjoyed his teaching. The methods and bunkai we did were suitable for all grades. His teaching methods are really unique, you learn bunkai quickly in a very fun way. Our juniors really enjoyed the kids practice and so did the adults. Thank you for a memorable weekend, hope to see you again soon!

  2. We attended Christian Wedewardt’s seminar in Vaasa, Finland on 5th – 6th October, 2019. During the weekend, we went through material from the white belt level to the orange belt level, studying first three Heian katas. Christian’s approach was practical and fun to do, and pedagogically sound. The content of the seminar was appropriate for all levels of practitioners. Even though we have been doing Heian katas for several years, his perspective gave many new ideas and new ways to think about katas. We had really good time kicking and punching each other, training hard but at the same time smiling and laughing, too! We now have a new karate quote: ”Karate is a feeling – and that feeling is pain” by Christian Wedewardt 😀 Thank you so much for visiting Finland and hope to see you soon again!

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