Moderne Tradition

As karatepraxis Team we offer sustainable quality in terms of learning in classes and seminars.

We transfer the usual 3K-Structure (Kihon, Kata, Kumite) to a wholistic Programm based on practical application of every aspect in the syllabus. Especially the Kata-Forms are Basis for worthy defense-concepts, tactics and alternative behaviours if the so called Plan A didn’t work properly.

A project by Christian Wedewardt

Our Way

  • Mindset, practical application and effectiveness are first aims and basis of every training
  • Katas which are not only beautiful to view, but bursting with life and strength. They should be containig  knowledge and be done under the awareness of seeing, recognizing, acting.
  • Bunkai that would work in defens-matters in our today’s life
  • Partnertrainins with a consentual impact in order to feel whats right or needs to be more developed.
  • Creativity, flexibility and fluent logical moves in the usages of karate-techniques and combinations
  • Effort and Emotion within the sessions, in order to feel amazement about the own abilities in karate.