See „Karatepraxis: Powerfull Kids are no Victims“ on YouTube

We did this demonstration in a seminar in the south of germany. My training-mate in this clip did extraordinary well with his partner. I stopped the group and told everyone to see how he does and go for it, too. Btw, it’s worth to have an ear to the sound. 😁
Karatepraxis Is fun on the teaching side and obviously on the learning side as well.

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See „Karatepraxis Quick and Dirty #18 – Playing with Karate Morote-Locks“ on YouTube

This Video is about Morote-locks within Karate and playing with the possibilities. Important to know is a thing the footage doesn’t show. The certain possibilities to use locks emerge right after the counter strikes. There is usually a little spot to grab and repositioning oneself in order to „play“ with locks.
It was filmed in German language but I thing the gist is cleary understandable.
Many thanks to my training-mate. We both enjoyed this…. For whatever reason 😃

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Amazing people in Switzerland met up on a karatepraxis seminar

Thanks a lot to all who have attended the first karatepraxis seminar in Toffen (CH). That was an amazing weekend with great people…. and beautiful landscape.

Saturday morning we started with a separate kids class. We worked out grappling, distances for kicks in partnerwork and some focus-mitts techniques.

After that the Saturday adult class started and trained over the day. We covered full Bunkai to Tekki / Naihanchi Shodan, parts of Heian / Pinan Nidan, Yondan and Sandan and had exciting fun with the pads.

On Sunday morning, right after timeshift, we started again and with even more people in the dojo. We worked on full Heian / Pinan Shodan Bunkai and principles. Developed a drill out of it and worked it out. We also did parts of Bassai-Dai Bunkai on the ground, Empi and Jion Bunkai combinations.

Since everyone wanted pads again. We went suffering on them for the seminar final. 😁

That was a great weekend with more than 50 participants! Thanks for being there.

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We’re gonna have a good day!

Karatepraxis Seminar with Christian Wedewardt 2019 in Toffen Switzerland

See „Karatepraxis Kata Bunkai Empi application“ on YouTube

At Karatepraxis we do consider Kata as the book of tricks for our martial art. From our point of view every motion in Kata has got a defending or attacking character. This video shows the application of the first few techniques in the Kata Empi. This sequence contains several important application and fighting rules. Starting with: Leave the line of fire, hikite-hands are for pulling, open hands are for grabbing and last but not least: (body-logic) means paying attention to the expected physical reaction after a Strike or a kick. We do believe that every Kata is a complete defending and fighting system. All we need to do is to take a closer look!

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Atb Christian