Heian-Kata-System-Bunkai WE Frechen with Christian Wedewardt

Small group session last weekend in Frechen. Content: Heian-Kata-System-Bunkai for Heian Yondan and -Godan. Very intensiv training over two days only for their Bunkai. Learning content, principals, alternatives if things go wrong, distances, tactics, as well as dominance towards the opponents.

We covered within the katas also the 5-step-process of defenses including leverages, locks and throws.

That was an awesome experience.

The small group seminar concept allows me to teach everyone intensive on a one to one basis instead having kind of a frontal teaching.

Heian-Kata-System-Bunkai is selfedefense within karate, within Kata and once people have joined one of this seminars the know that Karatepraxis bunkai is a feeling ……. And the feeling is pain 😁🙌🥋✅🆒