This video about something new in our Karatepraxis teaching lineup.

Our widely known Kata Effective-Bunkai Concept has got a new wing.

Effective-Bunkai as it has been taught so far, is very practical, understandable, always very sticky to the Kata, and at the  same time very self defense related aplicable.

The Reason-Bunkai is getting a step further. It’s not just a good Bunkai, it’s more! It’s giving a reason to learn a given Kata.

So, one can decide if this Bunkai-Reason is a good reason to get into this or that Kata.

Still knowing the katas original names meaning (Sochin): Preserve the peace

But training under the Bunkai-Reason: Defense against taller attackers.

So this Kata might be a good solution for smaller people !?

Have fun watching!

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