Sometimes you make bad decisions. I thought Lee Mullan would be easily to defeat. I was very well prepared with my unblockable combination and just about to attack and finish him, when everything went wrong…..

See what happened….

Here are the information:

The karatepraxis digital fight challange is a fun challenge to attack and defend digitally.

Challenge 5 „friend“ to stand his/her ground against your attack.

These are the simple rules:

Every martial-artist can participate
The defense can relate to kata
Everything can be used for the defense, for example tools or weapons
It can be serious
It can be funny
Once you’ve found your defense – post a video showing the attack and your clue. Tag your Challenger and mention the challenge Name: digital fight challange.

After that do a video with your attack and challange at least 5 „friends“.

If you like to host an open Karatepraxis-Seminar in your Country, Town, Dojo please dont hesitat to contact me under:
I do realy look forward to meeting new martial-arts-friends.

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