Some days after I’ve led the seminar in Seattle, Washington, at Kris Wilder’s West Seattle Karate Academy, there have some reviews arrived.

Before I add this reviews I want to say thank you to those who wrote a review.

To share experiences has been the key for survival in the past and it continues to be a key, because people have the opportunity to benefit of the knowledge others have gathered without having to try out themselves.


Christian is an extremely engaging teacher, with an infectious personality. Accessible and very effective material taught by someone who clearly knows his stuff and loves what he is doing deeply. Very much worth the time of any serious martial artists.


Christian, thank you for coming all the way to Seattle to share your praxis system. We had a great time exploring your concepts and bunkai applications. I enjoyed your insights on why do kata turn the opposite way and do the say technique combination. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to your book being published in English so that I can do a deeper dive into knowledge that you shared.


It was a great pleasure meeting and learning from you this past weekend. Your excitement and love of the martial arts is the reason I began my own training. I believe if I am working hard and having a good, fun time in the dojo, then I am training correctly. Your seminar embodied both of these aspects. I hope that you will visit the West Coast again soon so I may further learn from your Karate
Thank you and best wishes on your next adventures.


I just attended an amazing seminar taught by Christian in Seattle, Washington USA. Christian did a great job starting off the seminar by getting everyone comfortable with each other, both by introducing ourselves with a silly dance and then by hitting each other to set the tone for the day. He maintained his infectious enthusiasm throughout the entire day and did a great job providing interesting practical material. Christian is very knowledgeable and had a fun but serious approach to his teaching. I would highly recommend attending one of Christian’s seminars if you have the chance.


Christian as promised the course you recently taught in Seattle completely blew my mind!  Soooo enjoyable from the warmup through to all the applications and explanations that made so much sense.  The bunkai application was great partnered work.  I only wish we’ve had more time to do more.  I would highly recommend any course Christian teaches to those with an open mind about karate.  I look forward to learning more from your book and sharing the knowledge with other in my club and hope that we might one day host you in Seattle again.

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