By following this Instagram link you will find another short video from the seminar at Kris Wilder’s West Seattle Karate Academy. You’ll see people enjoying themselves while hitting and kicking each other. I felt like home. Must be my tribe. Karate-family!

What you don’t see is this amazing Monday at Kris‘ Dojo. I had the chance to get an insight of his daily dojo-life. We went to the dojo just before 4pm and I saw him leading a kids beginners class. That was truly refreshing… A mixture of fun, and rules. That went on to the tiny tigers group and the next group as well. There was a great Spirit in this dojo.

Dojo is by the way an important part to point out. Immediately by getting the first time into the room I felt like entering a dojo. Can’t exactly say why… It just felt good, right…. like in a dojo…. A great moment to experience for me.

West Seattle Karate Academy

During the last class of the day Kris gave me a chance to teach some Karatepraxis content to his students. Another great experience, which I do really appreciate.

To put it together:

Seattle was amazing. Kris is a great guy and I do really looking forward to our future projects. I found a new friend!

Yes, there will be things coming up !!!

Bruce Lee’s grave….. A special moment in a martial artists life……
Amazing Skyline – Seattle…. I’ll be back !!!!
A great day in Seattle: Karatepraxis-Bunkai-Seminar 2020

Thank you all for this great time. Can’t wait to come back to the US West Coast.