Finland – It was amazing!

Just sitting in the plane, heading home from Finland, I’d like to give you a brief recap.

Gentle people with a great passion for karate. Some came from North 300 km. Some from South 400 km.

Seminar Participants in Vaasa

On Friday evening we started with a club training. We covered the „First things First Principal“ and did some related Partner-work.

Saturday morning we had great fun with the kids class. They were highly enthusiastic and worked on self-confidence and willpower.

He’ll be a great Fighter….. No he already is !

Right after that we started with the three-part seminar-content. Heian-Kata-System-Bunkai from Heian Shodan to Heian Sandan.

On Sunday we ended the training as a little highlight with some padwork.

Linda Holm and Jens Knip, the hosts, organized everything perfectly. They are very nice and gently martial-artist and we (Christina and me) are very much looking forward to seeing all new Finnish friends again, soon.

Linda Holm, Chtistian Wedewardt and Jens Knip.

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