„Never hit someone on the ground……….!“

Next video in this series.
I’m talking about an unexpected throw in the karate community and how disgusting this possible throw is. One obvious thing is, that to be fluent and logical in your moves, it is at least helpful or necessary to start your next technique right after the one before.
Or easier: The end of one move is already the start for the next one.

The next point I want to emphasize is Funakoshi’s quote about stance’s where he mentioned that the beginner need deep and powerful stance’s while the advanced one moves freely.

For sure he, the advanced, uses stance as well, but he does not freeze in anymore. His stance’s are for his benefit to give him the right distance, the correct angle and best position of Gravity – for both, his own and the attackers gravity point.
So, the advanced martial-artist knows about the importance and use them for his best benefit…… And the end of one techniques equals the start of the next one !

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