Alcis Szabo-Reiss, 5th, Dan, Kris Wilder, 6th Dan and Christian Wedewardt, 6th Dan. The beautiful Castle Stahleck will be our venue.

Simplicity is the highest form of perfection

This is Alcis‘ approach to martial-arts! He’s been involved in several disciplines like Aikido, Tae-Kwon-Do, Judo and Krav-Maga for more than 30 year and focused always on karate, where he’s ranked 5th dan.

With his twin, Ingo, he’s owner of, a company that offers full-service internet and design solutions for martial-arts individual’s and clubs.

They developed a system for self-defense, which has a wider concept than just techniques and processes. It’s based on instinct and awareness. Due to that it is really rapidly understandable for everyone.

The systems name is program: SAFE DEFENSE

Along with Alcis, there will be Kris Wilder and Christian Wedewardt teaching.

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