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I came across karatepraxis on a seminar in Giesen, Germany and I am thrilled to have participated, since it was so much fun and I learned that Bunkai can be a realistic basis for selfedefense.


Really enjoyed Christian seminar last Sunday in Wantage, UK. A great practical view of karate drills and kata bunkai. Hopefully, there will be future chances to train with Christian in the UK. Left with a big smile on my face! Thank you.


Karatepraxis is mind-boggling. I’ve attended a heian kata system bunkai seminar. Amazing! So much stuff is integrated in the heian kata. So much I haven’t seen befor. So much seems to be lost but Christian works on it and shows the old treasures in defense-matters. That is karate!


Christian is an excellent instructor with a deep knowledge of highly effective and practical karate, I attended his first ever UK seminar in Wantage, England and was blown away by how simple and destructive his methods can be when put to use. The seminar had excellent content and some great humour thrown in. I very much look forward to training with Christian and his uke daniel again in the future.
Thank you very much for your time and effort in coming to the UK to teach.


Karatepraxis seminar with Jürgen Höller (Full Contact Karate – Shobushinkai) and Christian Wedewardt (Ten-Kyo-Ryu). Jürgen taught about distances, related techniques and „contactmanagement“ and Christian referred Jürgens content to kata Heian Yondan where everything is about close distance and contact management. That gave me a new perspective on this kata in terms of fighting. I like to have more of this!


Karatepraxis Heian-Kata-System-Bunkai was one of the best seminars I’ve attended. It changed my point of view for good. Kata will never be the same for me. A seminar with high quality content, delivered with a good portion of humor and everything we did in partnerwork was in logical, fluent moves. It was well worth to travel from Switzerland to Germany for this event.